Who We Are

Dog laying on ChillBuster®

More than a dozen years have passed since ThermoGear's President; Mel Campf was very cold at a football game in the Pacific Northwest. Thinking he needed to find a way to get warm eventually led him to found ThermoGear. He assembled a team of professionals whose mission was to develop portable thermal controlled products. In recent years the warming technology this team has researched has reached the product development stage. At this time, ThermoGear's warming products are now being developed under the registered trademark, ChillBuster®.

After conceptualizing the lightweight portable warming blanket, Campf recruited the department heads at ThermoGear. He first met with Wayne Fields and Tom Lewis and later attracted Pete Chambers and Jack Robinson to form his core leadership team. Mel's expertise lies in his ability to expand operations, particularly start ups, while driving sales without generating large debt loads. His skills have enabled ThermoGear to secure required funding, training skilled and motivating employees as well as strategic planning initiatives.

Corporate Officer Descriptions:

All products under the ChillBuster® trademark are fully functional, lightweight and compact and operate with both battery and AC power. While the research and development of warming technology continues, ThermoGear has successfully introduced its mobile patient warming systems to the healthcare market for use in the field and in all types of healthcare facilities to include the U.S. Military. The warming system can be used by hospitals, clinics and emergency responders in the U.S. The system is also currently being used effectively on the battlefield by military surgical teams and in casualty evacuations including air and ground transport. The warming system includes single use disposable blanket covers to avoid patient cross contamination.