Warming Technology/Research & Development

Dog laying on ChillBuster®

Personal warming is delivered by one of two means:

Both technologies are continually analyzed by ThermoGear for possible applications as determined by opportunities in major market areas. The more advanced technology, electrified fabric, provides evenly distributed heat and it simplifies the manufacturing process.

Heat production also is pursued under two principles:

Both heat production and heat delivery are also applied to product development. Currently, ThermoGear is conducting research into all phases of warming technology. Final leading edge warming designs are being developed to continually upgrade technology now included in ChillBuster® personal warming blanket for the healthcare market.

Ultimately, the technology research and long term product development will involve ThermoGear partnerships with a broad spectrum of companies to produce, assemble and market warming devices for applications in personal healthcare, veterinary medicine, commercial, industrial and sports/recreation related segments. All warming device designs must meet rigid product testing standards. ThermoGear works with individual testing laboratories to gain product certifications and other clearances as necessary, thereby guaranteeing product safety for final warming device designs. Product safety testing must be successful for use in all environments warming devices may be utilized. ThermoGear designs have met specifications for use by U.S. military forces in the field and air. Certifications completed or in process include: