The ChillBuster® Vet Surgical Warming System


The new ChillBuster® Vet Surgical System is a safe temperature controlled and stabilized source of warmth for pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical care of animals. The system consists of a surgical warming blanket, warming cage mat and disposable covers to keep the surgical and recovery areas free of contamination.


The ChillBuster® Vet system contains technology developed by ThermoGear into personal warming devices used by the US military forces based around the world. The idea of using Department of Defense cleared warming technology for the veterinary medical area was discussed nearly six years ago at a medical equipment trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Tim Crowe, (DVM, DAVS, DAVECC, FCCM), a prominent and respected veterinary surgeon, visited the ThermoGear exhibit and realized the warming technology on exhibit could possibly be adapted to the veterinary field. Eventually, ThermoGear developed two prototype systems for Dr. Crowe. Following extensive analysis and testing, he began using the vet warming devices in his surgical practice.

Dog laying on ChillBuster®

Dr. Crowe said, "After using the ChillBuster® Vet Surgical Blanket for more than a year, I have been very impressed with the results. The blanket has performed hands down better than any other vet warming device available. It is easy to use, warms rapidly and is extremely reliable. I can readily see why the ChillBuster® human warming blanket was selected by the U.S. Department of Defense for use by our combat forces."

Yet another well-known veterinarian, Dr. Gary Norsworthy (DVM, DABVP) tested the prototype vet warming system. He said, "One of the major causes of surgical complications is hypothermia. Being able to control intra and post surgical temperature helps to insure a successful outcome. The ChillBuster® Vet system is an efficient and safe way to control our patient's body temperature. I now use the system routinely in my practice."


ThermoGear Statement

Dog laying on ChillBuster®

The company's president, Mel Campf says, "Response to the new ChillBuster® Vet Warming System has been quite excellent. There is great interest from Europe, Asia as well as Canada. We are also seeing interest from animal cage manufacturers who would like to use our disposable covers for the cage mat to solve the major problems of post surgical warming and of keeping the cage areas free from contamination. Marketing and manufacturing the new system will be ramping up as the market becomes more aware of this new advancement in animal medical care."

As to the future of the warming system, he added, "We would like to make this warming system a household name in veterinary medicine. We will also be adding improvements to make it possible to include all domestic animals, regardless of size, to be treated using our warming technology.

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