Marketing, Sales & Production

The key to ThermoGear marketing successful warming technology lies in partnership arrangements with relevant companies currently involved in the personal healthcare industry as well as future partnerships in veterinary medicine and sports/recreation related industries.

Currently, ThermoGear is partnered with the Microtek division of Ecolab, Inc. and Microtek assembles the ChillBuster® personal warming device for marketing, sales and distribution to the commercial healthcare industry. The company also assembles and ships the same product to the U.S. military on an as needed basis. Marketing and sales of the ChillBuster® personal warming device to the U.S. military is the responsibility of Marketing Assessments, Inc.

ThermoGear's efforts are currently aimed at working directly with our partners at Ecolab/Microtek to enhance the marketing and sales of the personal warming device to the hospital and other healthcare industries. Future marketing focus will depend upon future long term corporate partnership agreements. These agreements will include the areas of research and technology, product development and production as well as marketing/sales and distribution.

Corporate partnership contractual arrangements generally will be designed to enhance ThermoGear's focus on warming technology. Corporate partners will be chosen to help fortify existing and new directions in developing and producing advanced warming devices as well as expanding markets utilizing ThermoGear's experience in the healthcare and other industries.