Future Directions


ThermoGear will continue to establish itself as a leader in personal warming device technology and products. Crucial to future direction lies in continued advanced research and development of components and subsystems to enhance warming devices. Prototypes of advanced elements are already in development…these include thermal controls and electrified fabrics as well as portable power packs and state of the art circuit boards.

Introducing new warming and cooling technology to control thermal energy will continue to provide unique production techniques for future corporate partners.

ThermoGear's long term goal is to add personal portable cooling technology to complement existing warming technology. Continuously introducing new warming and cooling technology to control thermal energy will provide an ever expanding platform of unique offerings, empowered further by the company's growing stable of corporate partners.


Research and development will also lead to new market areas including veterinary and sports/recreation warming products. Current and future healthcare and other related products will be continuously upgraded as advanced thermal management technology is introduced.

Continued vigorous compliance, certification and patent programs will also help to establish ThermoGear as the leader in functional and safe personal thermal management technology.

Note: ThermoGear invites corporations in applicable product industries to inquire about partnership agreements involving present and future thermal management products.